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Ressence Type 3 Watch: Look Ma, No Hands

 |  |  |  April 8, 2013

For as long as watches have been made, most of the analog watches have had hands of some sort. Granted, there are plenty of digital watches that eschew hands altogether, but I have trouble naming any analog watches that didn’t have any hands. This one takes the ‘no hands’ concept to a whole new level.

ressence type 3 watch gravitational photo

Designed by Benoît Mintiens, the Ressence Type 3 watch goes for extreme minimalism thanks to engineering. It has a display that’s filled with fluid and gravitational gearing. The refractive properties of the liquid make it seem like the dial is sitting right near the surface of the crystal. This watch has no crown. There’s nothing to push, or twirl, or pull. The adjustments are driven by rotating the watch itself thanks to the gravitational-responsive gearing system. It’s truly a marvel of modern engineering.

ressence type 3 watch gravitational front photo

If you have to ask the price, you probably can’t afford it, because the Ressence Type 3 watch will sell for for €23,000 (~$29,500 USD) when it’s released later this year.

ressence type 3 watch gravitational side photo

[via Cool Hunting]