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Food-Instagramming Pranksters Harass Random Diners

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Written by Hazel Chua | April 15, 2013

Do Instagrammers who post pictures of food annoy you? Apparently, they irritate a lot of people, including some guys who took it upon themselves to come up with an in-your-face prank that demonstrates just how annoying their behavior is.

Or that could just be my interpretation of their prank. Anyway, the whole thing was orchestrated by¬†Hungry, which is a YouTube channel that’s all about food.

Instagram Food Prank

They had two pranksters travel all around town, asking random people if they could take a picture of their food so they can post it to their Instagram account. It’s invasive and irksome for them to do so, but it also happens to be a very funny clip. You can check out what happened in the clip below:

What do you find most annoying about Instagram?

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