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See Tony Stark’s Hall of Armors and Be Iron Man at Disneyland Innoventions

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Written by Lambert Varias | April 16, 2013

Don’t tell Mandarin, but Tony Stark relocated his Hall of Armors to Disneyland’s Innoventions area in Tommorowland for the meantime. But being the carefree dude that he is, Tony is actually letting people into the exhibit. Either that or the security at Disneyland is a lot tougher than I thought.


As you walk through the room, Tony’s virtual butler JARVIS will tell you all about the various armors, including the Mk. XLII that will be featured in the upcoming Iron Man 3. Speaking of armors, you’ll also be able to put on one of his suits through an augmented reality interface. Here’s a brief tour of the exhibit taken by YouTuber mrdaps:

Again, the exhibit will only be up for a limited time, so visit the park ASAP before Tony decides to hide his armor somewhere else.

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