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Donkey Kong Cake is Totally Bananas

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Written by Paul Strauss | April 18, 2013

While I love both Donkey Kong and cake, I’m much more capable of finishing a cake than finishing the classic arcade game. I always used to get stuck around level three, and that was on a good day. On the other hand, eight slices of cake is nothing for me. This cake is just perfect then, as it’s the first time I actually stand a chance of finishing a round of Donkey Kong.


It was made a few months back by Rosanna Pansino for her collection of geeky edibles she calls “Nerdy Nummies” – and it certainly meets or exceeds that criteria. DK is just having a great day as he sits in a pile of banana candies, surrounded by a wall of Kit Kats. While it’s supposed to look like a giant barrel, I like to imagine it as a Kit Kat hot tub, loaded with banana bubbles.


Kong is made from fondant, while the bananas are simply banana Nerds candies. Of course, the cake itself has bananas in it and chocolate frosting. Yum. You can check out a video of the cake being created below:

[via Nerdy Nummies]