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Pucs Promise to Chill Your Drinks without Adding Water

 |  |  |  |  |  |  April 18, 2013

If you like cold drinks, you have probably experienced the irritating dilution that comes as the ice in your cup melts. This is particularly troublesome if you’re into soft drinks that become diluted and lose their flavor or if you have a penchant for expensive liquor and you want your drink full strength. A new project has turned up on Kickstarter that Dr. Pepper lovers and booze hounds alike can appreciate.


The product is called Pucs Rechargeable Ice. These things actually have no water or any other liquid for that matter. They are small round discs of solid stainless steel. They come in little hollowed out wooden holders and you place them in the freezer to chill the metal.


You can then drop one or more of the cold stainless steel Pucs in you drink to chill it to your liking. The more Pucs you add, the colder the drink. The best thing about them is as they lose their chill, they don’t melt – leaving your drink at its original strength in with the original flavor no matter how long they stay in the cup. The people behind the project are saying you can even drop room temperature pucs into hot beverages to help quickly cool them off, since the metal will absorb the heat.

Pucs Rechargeable Ice is raising funds on Kickstarter until June 1, and a pledge of $35(USD) more will get you your own set of six Pucs and a little walnut or maple tray.