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Donkey Hoth T-shirt: How Cold Can You Get?

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Written by Conner Flynn | April 19, 2013

Now here is an arcade reboot that I can totally get behind. Donkey Kong gets the Hoth treatment as Han races to rescue Luke from the Wampa monster.

Han has his Tauntaun and blaster and he won’t rest until Luke is free. He has to navigate his way through some Imperial Probe Droids and make his way up to the farmboy who is dazed and dreaming of Dagobah. No jumping barrels. Just shooting stuff. And if he makes it up high enough, he can grab a lightsaber. Though I’m wondering why Luke doesn’t use the force to pull it to him and slice off the Wampa’s arm.

This T-Shirt design by Baznet is pure awesomeness. It’s just about $25 (USD) from Redbubble. Check out more of Baznet’s science fiction inspired Donkey Kong levels over at MightyMega.

[via Geeks Are Sexy]