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DIY Paper USS Enterprise Boldly Folds Were No Man Has Folded Before

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  April 24, 2013

Captains log: “I’m currently in sick bay with another nasty paper cut. Bones says I’ll live, but… I… have… my… doubts…” If you’re a Star Trek fan who’s into papercraft, you will definitely want the new DIY Paper USS Enterprise 1701 over at ThinkGeek. This is exactly what it sounds like, a ¬†papercraft kit that allows you to build your own version of the original Starship Enterprise.


The kit even includes electronics to add a flashing lights and to play the theme from the original series. Along with the paper model of the 1701 Enterprise is a book that chronicles the different versions of the enterprise in the Star Trek universe. The kit has 10 different sheets of punch out paper and step-by-step instructions to assemble the paper spaceship.


When the project is done, your paper Enterprise will be nearly a foot long. It appears that the only thing you need to add is some glue and your time.

Warp on over to ThinkGeek to grab your DIY Paper USS Enterprise Kit for $19.99(USD).