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USB Utility Charge Tool is the Geek Army Knife

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Written by Hazel Chua | April 25, 2013

Most people use and carry around a bevy of mobile devices these days. There’s nothing wrong with that, since I do it myself. However, it gives rise to various inconveniences like having to carry around tons of different chargers for all the devices.

One solution comes in the form of the USB Utility Charge Tool that’s like a Swiss Army knife of connectors that geeks and non-geeks alike would appreciate.


The charge tool has four connectors tucked neatly into it: a standard USB extension, a¬†Micro USB connector, a Mini USB connector, and a 30-pin connector. It’s compatible with a range of devices, from your iPhone to your Nexus 7, so it’s especially convenient if you’re traveling and need to charge your devices while you’re on the go. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have Apple’s Lightning connector, so it can’t be used with the latest iPhones and iPads.


You can use it to charge your device using your laptop as the power source. Or you could plug the USB extension into a generic USB charger to power your devices up.

The USB Utility Charge Tool is available for pre-order from Fred Flare for $20(USD).

[via Chip Chick]