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‘My Knitted Boyfriend’: At Least This Guy Won’t Open His Big Mouth

 |  |  |  |  |  April 28, 2013

Being single can suck, especially when all of your friends already have plus one’s. Artist Noortje de Keijzer found a way around this not by joining online dating sites or by going on blind dates, but by knitting her own boyfriend.

Yes, you read that right: she knitted one.

Knitted Boyfriend

Obviously, she doesn’t have Geppetto’s power, so her knitted boyfriend isn’t alive. But since it’s actually a cushy bodysuit, any guy can wear it and make the suit come alive – or better yet, it can just be filled with stuffing if you’d prefer the strong and silent type.

Knitted Boyfriend1

So far, Noortje has knitted two boyfriends: Arthur, who was born knitted on September 14, 2009, has white skin, dark brown hair and black knickers; while Steve, born knitted on September 27, 2011, has dark brown skin, black hair and beige knickers.

Knitted Boyfriend2

How’s that for a kooky graduation project?

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