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HoodiePillow Pillowcase is a Pillow That You Can Wear… Well, Sort of

 |  |  |  April 29, 2013

I once used my hoodie as a pillow when I got to the airport ten minutes too late and missed my flight. That probably didn’t serve as the inspiration for the creation of the HoodiePillow, although I can’t help but recall that particularly bad experience when I saw this kooky pillowcase.

Hoodie Pillow

Novelty aside, I can think of a couple of good uses for the HoodiePillow. For one, you can ‘wear’ it to shield your eyes from the outside world. So if you use eye shades, then you might want to use this as an alternative. Since it has a built-in pocket, you can use it just as you’d use a regular pocket on a regular hoodie, like for holding your phone or music player when you’re using it or listening to music when you’re lying down.

Hoodie Pillow1

The HoodiePillow¬†pillowcase is available online for $24.95 (USD). Just don’t try to wear it while walking down the street.

[via Oh!Gizmo]