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Star Trek Gets Animated at the Atomic Level

 |  |  |  |  May 1, 2013

We just posted the world’s smallest stop-motion animation over on The Awesomer earlier today, and now it turns out that’s not the only animation IBM’s team of scientists have created. They also made a special one just for Trekkies.


The animated GIF you’re looking at above is actually made of individually manipulated atoms, arranged to form various iconic images from the Star Trek franchise.


In addition to the Star Trek logo, they created still images of the Vulcan salute, and a U.S.S. Enterprise in two sizes.


The images were created by IBM’s Almaden research facility, in celebration of the impending release of Star Trek into Darkness, which opens on May 17th.


The most amazing image of all is this tiny Enterprise that measures just 1 nanometer in height:


While I’d imagine it would be pretty easy to lose such a small Federation starship, at least it’s not likely to be spotted by Khan or any Romulans – unless their ship is equipped with an electron microscope.

You can check out more amazing atomic images created by the team over on Flickr.