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Luminair Tree Tent: The Architects’ Treehouse

 |  |  |  |  |  |  May 3, 2013

It’s always been fun to climb trees, and I guess that it’s cool to have some sort of high perch in your garden or in the wilderness to look out from. While you won’t be dragging this unwieldy tent around anytime soon, it’s certainly an interesting way of setting up a treehouse for adults.


The Luminair Tree Tent is a semi-permanent tree house. The curved hybrid aluminum and steam-bent ash frame provides stability, while the 16oz waterproof cotton canvas skin keeps the elements out.

luminair tree tent structure photo

It’s about 10 feet in diameter, which is big enough for two adults. The whole setup weighs about 264 lbs. and can handle another 550 lbs in occupants.

luminair tree tent inside photo

Unfortunately, the Luminair Tree Tent doesn’t come cheap. You’ll have to spend £6500 (~$10,095 USD) in order to get yours. Or you could just build a tree house the old-fashioned way.

[via Uncrate]