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R2-D2 Leather Wallet Holds the Debit Cards You Were Looking for

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Written by Paul Strauss | May 5, 2013

As editor of both Technabob and The Awesomer, the number of submissions I get for “unique,” minimal, RFID-blocking wallets over on Kickstarter has gotten ridiculous. But just when I thought I’d never post another wallet again, Popov Leather has made me once again believe in humanity.


Sure, it won’t hold your iPhone, or prevent your RFID chips from being hacked, but this wallet hasĀ a hand-tooled image of R2-D2 on the front. How could you not want one? And just like an actual droid, it’s made from high quality 4oz. cowhide, lined with 30z. calfskin and card pockets made from 20z. pigskin. Ok, I made that part up about droids being made from leather.

Each wallet is handmade, so it’ll take a couple of weeks to get yours. So bleep-bloop on over to Etsy and order yours now, before the Jawas come along and take them all so they can sell them out of the back of a sandcrawler.