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Luminescent Plant Kickstarter Project: Miracle Glow

 |  |  |  |  May 9, 2013

I’ve seen some offbeat projects turn up on Kickstarter over the years, but a project that’s there now called Glowing Plants is one of the strangest. You can probably figure out what the project is about simply from the name. The people behind the project want to create plants that glow to provide natural lighting with no electricity.


That sounds like something right out of Avatar. Exactly how the people are genetically creating glowing plants is rather difficult to describe. All you really need to know is that if you choose to back the project over on Kickstarter, you can get seeds to grow your own glowing plants.

The project was initially seeking to raise only $65,000(USD). With 28 days left to go, the project has blown through its goal, raising over $295,000 to date.

A pledge of $40 or more will get you your own package of glowing plant seeds. The specific plant is an Arabidopsis. A $150 pledge will land you an already growing plant. If at least $400,000 is raised, people who pledge $150 or more will get you a glowing rose as well. If you pledge $250 or more, you can get your own DIY kit allowing you to make any of your plants at home glow.