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Lenticular Lens Trick Creates Child Abuse Ads That Only Children Can See

 |  |  |  |  |  |  May 9, 2013

I think it’s safe to say that most adults know what constitutes child abuse. Unfortunately, the same thing can’t be said for children, who might think that what they’re being subjected to is normal. The ANAR Foundation and Grey Group Spain are hoping to change that, though, with the launch of an ad campaign that uses lenticular printing.

In this particular application, This printing technique lets individuals see different images based on their height.


Adults will see a plain poster of a boy captioned with “Sometimes child abuse is only visible to the child suffering it.” On the other hand, the version children will see is that of a bruised and battered boy, captioned with “If somebody hurts you, phone us and we’ll help you,” followed by a hotline number.

Hopefully, this can make kids aware of their situation and encourage them to seek help without fear of repercussions from an aggressor.

[via DIY Photography via Laughing Squid]