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My Social Petwork is a Social Network for Your Pets

 |  |  |  May 9, 2013

Even though it’s against Facebook’s policies to create profiles for pets on the site, people still do it anyway. The vast majority get away with it, while some people (or rather, some pets) have their accounts flagged, suspended, or taken down.

It can be pretty disheartening when you try to log in your dog’s account one day, only to be notified that you’ve violated Facebook’s policies and no longer have access to the plethora of videos and photos that you’ve posted of your beloved pet.

Then along came My Social Petwork.


As the name of the site indicates, My Social Petwork is a social network for pets. It works a lot like Facebook, where users will be asked to set up profile pages for their pets, post pictures, and upload videos.┬áThe site’s administrators are hoping that aside from cat and dog profiles, owners of exotic pets will also sign up for an account to add a healthy mix to the site’s users.

My Social Petwork recently launched, and is accepting registrations from individuals, businesses, and charity organizations. Now all you need to do is teach Fido or Fifi how to use a mouse and keyboard.

[via Incredible Things]