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GoStacked iPhone Case Has Swappable Add-ons: Machina Ex Machina

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Written by Lambert Varias | May 14, 2013

There are already many iPhone cases that incorporate an additional battery. But what if the extra battery runs out as well? Or what it you’d rather have extra storage at times instead of extra power? The inventors of the GoStacked think they have the answer. Their iPhone case has interchangeable add-ons, forming case and machine, power xtreme!


The first add-on for the GoStacked is the 2000mAh GoBattery. But if that runs out and there’s no outlet in sight, you can swap in the GoSolar solar panel to charge your device.

Finally, there’s the extremely useful GoDrive 64. Sorry, it’s not a 64-bit console, but it is a wireless flash drive with 64GB capacity. It creates its own wireless network; all you need is the GoStacked+ app and you can access what’s in the GoDrive 64. Other iOS devices can access the GoDrive 64 in the same way, even if they don’t have a GoStacked case. It also has a 3600mAh battery to keep your iPhone juiced up while you stream media or review documents from the drive.

A pledge of at least $60 (USD) on Kickstarter qualifies you for a GoStacked case and at least one of the add-ons. The case has two versions – one for the iPhone 4 & 4S and one for the iPhone 5.

Sadly, as of this writing GoStacked’s fundraiser only has 11 days to go but they’re still a long ways off from reaching their desired amount of money. Is it because the case is bulky? If you ask me the trade off is worth it. Heck, the GoDrive64 alone is worth having a thicker phone.

[via Nibletz]