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tim-E: The Big Mouth Billy Bass of Alarm Clocks

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Written by Shane McGlaun | May 15, 2013

Waking up to go to work or school sucks. We all know it, and no one likes it. Except for your mean boss, he likes getting up and going to work because he’s mean. For the rest of us normal folk, getting out of bed is a chore – and if you have kids, you know firsthand that getting your kids up is an even bigger chore. This is where a cool alarm clock that’s on Kickstarter called tim-E comes in.


tim-E is an alarm clock that’s designed to dock your iPhone or iPod Touch into a robotic body. The screen of your iPhone or iPod becomes the face of the robot and it gives you several ways that you can be woken up. The device can wake you to a normal alarm in the form of buzz or using a song from your device, all the time dancing around and bobbing its head.


You can also be awakened to the weather report or the day’s traffic report. tim-E will also give you voice reminders to do things the next day before you go to sleep and can even wake you with a brainteaser to ensure you don’t fall back asleep. Of course, this is all done with a certain amount of attitude  waking you with phrases like “Hello, lazybones! Time to get up!”

If you want your own robot alarm clock you’ll need to pledge $60(USD) or more. It’s definitely kind of annoying, which is exactly what you need from an alarm clock.