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Elecom Scented Touchscreen Cleaners: Ain’t Nobody as Nerdy, My Screen So Fresh So Clean

 |  |  |  |  |  |  May 22, 2013

I’m okay with using a microfiber cloth to clean the display on my gadgets and my computer. But if your nose is sensitive enough that it can smell the oil, dirt and whatever substance is left on your screen, watch out for Elecom’s new touchscreen cleaners. Aside from containing germ-killing ethanol and dirt-scrubbing surfactant, they also have various fragrances.


The scented cleaners are sold in either small spray-on bottles or equally tiny wet microfiber cloths. But even if you get the spray-on cleaner, Elecom recommends that you spray them on a piece of clean cloth first then apply the cloth to your gadget’s screen instead of spraying the cleaner on your screen directly. Probably because some of the liquid might find its way inside your gadget.


Elecom will make the cleaners available in Japan starting this month. The tissue will sell for ¥640 (~$6  USD) for a pack of 5 tissues while a 7ml bottle of the liquid cleaner will go for ¥1,323 (~$13). If that sounds too expensive to you, there are lots of guides online about mixing your own screen cleaning solution. Maybe you can add a fragrance to those recipes. Or the scent of a new computer. Or booger bits. Whatever floats your boat.

[via Elecom via Akihabara News]