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Wiebelbot Wobbles, But It Won’t Fall Down

 |  |  |  May 24, 2013

Watching TV can have its dull moments. At least when you are channel surfing. And if you are channel surfing, you are probably lonely. Wiebelbot can help. This small USB powered robot wobbles every time you switch a channel, keeping you company and keeping you entertained while you try and find something to watch.

This little guy is cheap and easy to make, with its body made out of a ping pong ball. It simply reacts to the infrared transmissions from any remote control. To build one, you’ll need some basic electronics and soldering skills, but otherwise it is simple.

Much like a Weeble, this little guy will wobble, but not fall down. If you want to create your own little robot TV friend, check out the instruction guide on Instructables.