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3D Printed Sugar Sculptures Look Too Good to Eat


Written by Paul Strauss | May 30, 2013

If you’re a regular follower of Technabob, you know I’m a big fan of 3D printing tech. As prices come down, and speed and accuracy come up, 3D printers will become ubiquitous. While most 3D printing is done by melting plastic, did you know that you sugar can be used to make 3D prints too?


Kyle and Liz von Hasseln of The Sugar Lab have developed a method for printing complex geometric forms using sugar. They intend on using their technology to create sugar sculptures for topping cakes, but many of their current examples stand on their own as works of art.


The duo previously developed a 3D printing method which used the light produced by an off-the-shelf printer, and moved by a robotic arm, to create large sculptures out of resin.


It’s unclear what method is used to print their sugar sculptures, though it involves alternating sugar layers with water and alcohol to harden the sculptures as they’re printed.


If you’re interested in incorporating 3D printed sugar sculptures into your event, you can contact them over on their website for more information.


[via Co.Design via Neatorama]