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Need Some Spiritual Help? Pay This Retired Minister $5 and He’ll Pray For You

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Written by Hazel Chua | May 30, 2013

Have you heard of fiverr.com? It’s a site that provides interested users with “graphics, marketing, fun and more online services for $5.” All sorts of bizarre services are being offered on the site, from people offering to write messages for you using Indian spices to making soda tab bracelets that they’ll be happy to mail to your home.

In the mix is user givingpraise, who promises to pray for your request for five bucks.


Before you get irate at the fact that someone’s trying to make a few quick bucks off of someone’s faith, the listing adds that the money raised will be used to help others. How, we’re not sure, but we’re hoping they’ll donate it to charity or fund some local programs that’ll help people in need.

I find nothing wrong with wanting to raise money to help others, but it just seems like a roundabout way to pray and ask others to pray for you, doesn’t it? A trip to your local ministry would’ve sufficed – and it would definitely be more meaningful.

[via Bruce Cat]