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Life-Size LEGO T-800 Terminator: I’ll Be Brick

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Written by Conner Flynn | June 1, 2013

A life-size T-800 Terminator is one of those those that I hoped I would never live to see. Thank God this one is made of LEGO pieces and not Skynet parts. Even if he comes to life, so you could just take him apart brick by brick if you had to.


This 15,000-piece, full-scale Terminator T-800 LEGO model was built by Martin Latta. Quick! Hit it with a hammer and watch all of those bricks fall down. No, I haven’t seen the John Connor minifig, stop asking. My jacket is also not your size. Anyway, the detail on this awesome LEGO sculpture is very impressive.

How about a LEGO Terminator franchise of video games, LEGO guys? You have Batman and Star Wars, so why not?

[via The Brothers Brick via Geekologie]