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DIY Sound Trooper Suit: Welcome to the Loud Side of the Force

 |  |  |  |  |  June 6, 2013

We’ve seen all kinds of Stormtrooper get-ups, but how about a Sound Trooper? This project by Unbox Therapy is just that. This crazy suit that features 20 JBL Micro 2 speakers attached to a hockey shoulder pad using industrial strength Velcro.

It turns the wearer into a walking speaker fit to broadcast Imperial propaganda or just some cool tunes. The Imperial March is of course best. The JBL Micro 2s are daisy-chained together and connected to a Nexus 4 for sound input. Watch the entire video below if you want to see the build process, or skip to 3:45 to see and hear it in action.

This thing will definitely get you noticed on the street as evidenced above. This is an awesome project. You are your own soundtrack.

[via Damn Geeky]