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Furby Living Turns Pop Icons into Freaky Furbies

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Written by Hazel Chua | June 7, 2013

My mom never got me a Furby when I was a kid, and now I understand why. Those things look freaky–and definitely not in a good way. I know some people think they’re the most adorable things in the world, but their huge bug eyes really up their creepiness factor for me.

They’re not as popular as they used to be, but they’re still very much present in pop culture. Furby Living is a testament to that. It’s a blog that takes album covers of some of the hottest artists today and “furbifies” them.

Furby Living

Nicki Minaj isn’t the only artist who got furbified, as Lady Gaga, Adele, Justin Bieber, Christina Aguilera, and a whole host of others got the same treatment as well.

You can check them out in the gallery below.

I like Furbies better already. But not enough to get an actual one, though.

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