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Geometric Origami Lamps: Folding Light

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Written by Paul Strauss | June 9, 2013

Many years ago – it seems like a lifetime – I used to be a theatrical lighting designer. Even though I’m not in the business any more, I’m always on the lookout for cool lighting fixtures. While digging through the recesses of Etsy, I came across a unique series of lamps from artist Roger Gano of Golden Heart Illuminations.


My personal favorite is his red and gold Dream Weaver origami table lamp shown here. The fixture has two main components. The globe is handmade from 120 interlocking origami components, constructed from translucent parchment paper held together with shoji paper and Japanese Nori glue. The base of the lamp is constructed from veneered MDF formed into a wavelike shape, and then strung with thread. The spines of the lamp are textured with sand and eight coats of acrylic paint, infused with iridescent mica particles. The finished lamp base is reminiscent of the structural composition of a suspension bridge.


It’s really a spectacular design, and definitely something your friends won’t already have in their homes. The lamp shown here is selling for $365(USD), but Golden Heart Illuminations has many other lamps, including ceiling floor and table lamps ranging in price from $55 all the way up to $825.