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iTray: Flying Drone Serves You Food

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Written by Conner Flynn | June 11, 2013

Fast food is designed to be served quickly, but it could always be faster. Aimed at expediting service, the world’s first iPad-controlled flying food serving tray is here to help. It can be found at YO! Sushi in Soho, London, where it’s serving meals to customers.


The iTray is a serving tray that can fly at 25mph for a distance of 50 meters to deliver your food.

On-board cameras provide live video feed to waiters and kitchen staff to make sure all is well. The iTray is lightweight, and made of carbon fiber. So they should be safe if they get involved in food delivery crashes. Just order your food and it will be flown to your table.

This awesomely ridiculous food delivery method will be introduced in 64 UK branches by 2014 if the pilot phase is successful. And how can it not be? Unless iTrays start dropping food on customers or smacking them in the head, of course.

[via Damn Geeky]