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Guy Turns Trees into Dragons: Edward Chainsawhands

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Written by Conner Flynn | June 14, 2013

It’s a sad fact that when nature and man collide, nature usually loses. Many of us hate to cut down trees, but sometimes you have no choice. Maybe it is mandated by local authorities or maybe it needs to go because it is in danger of falling. Isn’t it much better to carve a dragon out of that fallen tree, instead of just turning it into firewood? Hell yes!


Redditor Aboiement’s neighbor paid an unnamed artist to sculpt this amazing dragon from the trunk of this deceased tree. It looks awesome and now his front yard is basically a fantasy realm. I bet hobbits and orcs come to fight it in the wee hours when no one is looking. I guess the guy carved this with his magical powers and then just walked off into the sunset, not seeking glory or anything.

One imgur commenter said it best…

“The dragon was always there, he just removed the tree bits.”

[via Nerd Approved]