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Guy Puts Donkey Kong in a Barrel: At Least It’s Not on Fire

 |  |  |  |  |  June 17, 2013

It’s like beating Kong in a barrel… Wait, that’s not how the saying goes. But you can say it now. This custom-built Donkey Kong tabletop arcade machine has been put into a barrel. Why? So you can drink and game of course.

donkey kong
Joel Griffin Dodd wanted a fully functional game of Donkey Kong in an old barrel so that he could have beer and cocktails on top of it. How drunk can you get?¬†You probably shouldn’t try to jump over it, though that’s better that than smashing it with a mallet, I suppose.

It looks like a fairly straightforward build. Just put together a mini arcade system and stick it inside a barrel. Then put some glass on top of course. Not that I thought of it or was able to build one myself. Nice work, Joel.

[via Obvious Winner]