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Games of Thrones Gates of Qarth Table: The Greatest Table That Ever Was or Will Be

 |  |  |  |  |  June 18, 2013

The crews of most TV shows use regular tables to have conferences and go over their work, which is fine because most shows are pretty crap. But that will never do for a quality program like Game of Thrones. What does the crew of Game of Thrones use? Why, the gates of Qarth of course.

qarth table

Cat Taylor is a “Keeper of Scrolls/Behind the Scenes writer on the set of Game of Thrones.” She tweeted picture of a conference table that the crew uses to show how awesome they are and asked readers to guess what it was. Well, it turns out that this table was once the gates of Qarth.


How can you bot do great work at this table? Well, I have many complaints about the show, but still, it definitely makes everything more epic.

qarth table 1

[via Nerd Approved]