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Lumu iPhone Light Meter: Because You Can’t Trust Your Retina. Or Your Retina Display.

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Written by Lambert Varias | June 18, 2013

Professional photographers wouldn’t dare use an iPhone – or any smartphone for that matter – to take pictures for work. But they can use it to help them do their job. Take the Lumu for example. It’s a small device that turns the iPhone into a high quality light meter, which is used to determine the proper exposure for a photograph.


There are already light meter apps on the App Store – some of them available for free – so why would you bother getting the Lumu? The company behind the device claims that the light sensor in Lumu is way better than the ones found in any iOS device and even some DSLR cameras. Also, aside from providing users with the appropriate exposure settings, the Lumu app will also let users save notes, voice recordings, location data and more.

Pledge at least $99 (USD) on Kickstarter to get a Lumu as a reward. Each order also comes with a leather bag and string that you can use to store and carry the Lumu.

Here’s my idea for a mobile device peripheral: the Nuvuvu. It’s a device that prevents any smartphone or tablet from taking vertical videos. You’re welcome, world.