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Tabletop Arcade Machines: Half-Cabinet, Half-Amazing

 |  |  |  |  |  June 18, 2013

We’ve seen a handful of tiny arcade machines, but Tiny Arcade Machines is way better. It’s a shop owned by YouTuber dabarduba, an electronics engineer in the UK. He makes compact arcade machines that fit on your desktop or bar counter. They look like arcade cabinets with their lower halves chopped off.


As you can see, dabarduba not only knows his electronics, he’s also got a degree in Appropriately Cheesy Arcade Cabinet Design. His machines come in both 1- and 2-player configuration; they can be loaded with thousands of arcade classics or rigged to play console or PC games. Here’s one of his machines running Street Fighter x Tekken:

You can see more videos of the machines on dabarduba’s YouTube channel. He also makes even tinier – but still functioning – machines, which are perfect for playing just one game, just like a traditional arcade machine.

The arcade machines are not cheap – they cost between £399 to £950 (~$600 to $1,500 USD) – but neither are back surgeries. You can order a unit from the Tiny Arcade Machines website, which also looks like it was made two decades ago. Seriously sir, you would get way more clients if you updated your website.

[via ThisIsWhyI’mBroke]