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Subatomic Particle Jewelry: Physics and 3D Printing Collide

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Written by Conner Flynn | June 22, 2013

I couldn’t tell you what a subatomic particle is, but I can say this… “That there scienc-y jewelry looks purdy.” This line of 3D printed jewelry really does blend nerdy and beauty together very nicely.

subatomic jewelry

3D printing is making all kinds of things possible. Virtox is using the technology to create these necklaces and earrings inspired by actual subatomic particles and their spiral movements in magnetic fields.

subatomic jewelry1

Virtox wrote software to follow the paths of different possibilities, and these delicate pieces, called “Quark Jewelry” were born.

Ever since I first learned about subatomic particles and their spiral movements in magnetic fields, I could not help but be inspired. The different charges, masses and speeds determine the trajectories and create these astounding images in bubble chambers. With the arrival of accessible 3d printing, I got to work to capture this beauty in jewelry. I wrote a piece of software that would trace possible (and impossible) orbits and trajectories in 3 dimensions.

Science and fashion collide. You can get your own subatomic particle jewelry over on Virtox’s Quark Jewelry shop on MixeeLabs. Prices start at just $15(USD).

subatomic jewelry2

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