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Own Mutually Lets You Split the Cost for Stuff You Want

 |  |  |  June 24, 2013

Ever dreamed of owning something extravagant, but just couldn’t afford or justify the cost for something you’re not going to use all of the time? Well, a new website is in the works which lets you split the cost of items with others so you can each reap the rewards without having to pay for the whole thing.


OwnMutually is launching an online matching system which allows strangers (or friends) to chip in to purchase items together and split the cost. You end up with joint ownership, but it’s a great idea for things you might not use all of the time – like a boat, sports car, vacation cabin, or a recreational vehicle. In addition to providing the item listing and funding system, OwnMutually also plans on offering a system for scheduling and timesharing property purchased through the platform. Here’s an overview of how it works:


I can speak from personal experience that joint ownership and timesharing isn’t always the most pleasant thing, but it is a good way to enjoy things you might not otherwise get to enjoy.

OwnMutually is still in the preview phase, but you can check out the site now if you’re interested in learning more.