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“Anti-NSA” Typeface Makes a Statement, Even If You Don’t Have Any Secrets

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Written by Hazel Chua | June 25, 2013

The NSA isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite agency right now. A lot of people aren’t too pleased about what they’re doing, and they’re not afraid to tell people about it.┬áIn artist Sang Mun’s case, he decided to show it.


Mun created ZXX, which has been dubbed as an “anti-NSA” typeface that’ll make it difficult for the agency (or any other agency, for that matter) to use machines to decipher your printed correspondence with other people. The disruptive nature of the typeface makes it difficult for OCR scanners to “read” your exchanges.

Anti-NSA typeface

While the variants of the typeface are designed to be human-readable, you still might end up giving yourself and your intended recipients a headache by using this font for your documents. I think the ZXX is more of a statement, really, but if you want to download it, you can do so here.

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