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License Plate Flipper: You’ll Need to Post a (James) Bond if You Get Caught Using This

 |  |  |  June 27, 2013

Back in the old days, in James Bond movies as well as other films and TV shows, people always tricked their pursuers with a license plate that flipped to reveal another. Now you can own your very own license plate flipper.

license plate flipper

You can buy one from License Plate Flipper. This unusual device allows you to have two license plates. Just push a button and it will rotate 180 degrees, changing one plate into another within 1.2 seconds.

Of course I’m sure this is illegal in most, if not every state. Take a look at the disclaimer at the bottom of their page:

Improper installation of the product may result in car damage. When purchasing our product, you take full responsibility for all liabilities associated with the use or misuse of our product. Check your local laws and regulations before using this product. The product is great for use in car shows, advertisements or as a novelty / vanity and many more purposeful uses. We discourage the use of our product to avoid red light camera, beating red light cameras or avoiding toll booths or toll cameras.

[via This Is Why I’m Broke]