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DIY Quadcopter Kit: Drone It Yourself

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Written by Lambert Varias | July 5, 2013

Drones like Parrot’s smart quadcopters are slowly becoming popular toys. While they’re not dirt cheap, they’re very stable, easy to pilot and some of them even have cameras or can be fitted with one. But what if you could turn anything into a drone? That’s exactly what Jasper Van Loenen set out to do when he made Drone It Yourself.


Yep, that’s a bicycle rim drone. The kit consists of four propellers driven by ESC motors, four C-clamps, a Bluetooth module, a receiver and an OpenPilot flight controller. All of these parts fit neatly in a custom briefcase, but the resulting drone isn’t always pretty. Actually you know what? These makeshift drones are beyond pretty. Watch the rim, a keyboard and more take flight:

Needs more R. Kelly. Tinkerers can head to Jasper’s website to download the 3D files for the printed parts.

[via Doobybrain]