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Physical Fliike Counter Shows off How Many ‘Likes’ You Have on Facebook

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  July 14, 2013

Let people in the real world know how popular you are in real life with Fliike. It’s a physical counter that shows off how many “Likes” your page has received on Facebook in real time.

The Fliike was created by Smiirl, which is a design studio start-up based in France.


The Fliike basically connects to your Facebook page via Wi-Fi and transmits every “like” that you’ve received onto the flipboard-like counter. Personal pages won’t have much use for it, but pages for commercial purposes might, just so that establishment can show people that they’ve got a strong virtual presence.

A limited number of Fliikes are available for pre-order for $390(USD) (yes, $390!) If you’re more popular than 99,999 likes, Smiirl can add an extra numerical column to your Fliike to accommodate your massive popularity. The first batch ships out this November.

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