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Pot of Grass Pens: Prevent People from Stealing Your Pens, Once and For All

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Written by Hazel Chua | July 14, 2013

Do your pens go missing every once in a while, even though you’re sure you left them at your desk? Pen thieves are everywhere, especially at the office, so if you don’t take care and keep your stuff when they’re not in use, then chances are they’ll go missing once you leave your desk or cubicle.

My suggestion for your pens is to replace them with these ones. They look like blades of grass stuck in a plant pot, but remove one and you’ll see that it’s actually a pen in disguise.

Grass Pen

The pens come in three different shades of green to make it look like you’ve got actual grass in that pot. While people will eventually catch on that those are pens and not grass, they’ll still ward off would-be thieves because it would be extremely obvious if they go to work one day with a green grass pen in their pocket.

Grass Pen1

Each Pooleaf pen costs about $5 (USD), which means you’ll spend quite a bit if you want to fill an entire pot with them. They don’t come with the pot either, but those are easy to find anyway.

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