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Doppelganger is a Jacket, Long Coat, and Sleeping Bag In One

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Written by Hazel Chua | July 19, 2013

It’s a jacket, it’s coat, no wait… it’s a sleeping bag and all of the above!

The Doppelganger Outdoors Wearable Sleeping Bag might seem like a confusing article of clothing at first, but it’s actually extremely useful once you’re familiar with all the possible ways you can wear it.

Doppelganger Sleeping Bag

First of all, it’s a jacket. That’s the purple part of the Doppelganger shown above. It offers basic protection against the elements, so if you’re traveling or going on a trio outdoors, then this is one of the essentials that you should pack along with you. If it’s getting too chilly or rainy, then unzip to release the gray portion to extend the Doppelganger into a long coat.

And when you’re finally ready to turn in for the night, just unzip a couple more times to release the blue-colored extensions of the Doppelganger to turn it into a sleeping bag.

The Doppelganger jacket is a bit pricey though, but just think of it as three things in one and maybe you can justify its price. It sells for $138(USD) from the Japan Trend Shop.

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