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Drummerz Drum Sticks for Touchscreen Devices: Pedal Not Included

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Written by Lambert Varias | July 21, 2013

There are lots of drum kit apps for mobile devices, but they’re not that easy to use. Many of them look and are arranged like real drum kits instead of being optimized for touchscreen use. Also if you’re a drummer you’re more used to using drum sticks instead of your fingers. Drummerz drum sticks might alleviate those two drawbacks.

drummerz-touchscreen-drum-sticksDrummerz are made of plastic wrapped in conductive rubber. The company who makes them claims that the sticks are flexible enough that they won’t damage mobile devices, but obviously that largely depends on how hard you swing. They also come with large drum tips that supposedly enhance the sticks’ responsiveness.

You can order the drum sticks from Drummerz for $30 (USD) per pair. As you may have noticed in the video, Drummerz sticks are quite short. They’re 9.5″ long, while traditional drum sticks are typically about 15″ to 17″ long. It would’ve been nice if they could extend to a normal drum stick’s length to make the experience more realistic.

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