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Tetris Heat-Changing Mug: Coffeecade

 |  |  |  |  July 23, 2013

I know that this is probably sacrilege, but I actually was never that big of a fan of Tetris. It’s not because it wasn’t a monumental arcade game. Nope. It’s because I sucked at it. I’d start out strong, clearing lines with the best of them. But then, one difficult block would jam me up, and the death-spiral to the top quickly ensued. So my memories of the game aren’t very pleasant. But I still like coffee, so maybe I’ll buy one of these Tetris mugs anyhow.


Like many ceramic mugs on the market these days, the Tetris mug features images that change with the heat the beverage within. So while you can’t play an actual game on the face of this mug, at least you never have to worry about the bricks getting all the way to the top.

Want it? Get out a sleeve of 40 quarters, and pump them on into ThinkGeek’s coin box, where it sells for $9.99(USD).