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Awesome Dad Builds 737 Cockpit Simulator in His Son’s Bedroom

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Written by Hazel Chua | July 30, 2013

Some dads get their kids toy cars or iPads to play with, while others go the extra mile and make something that their kids will remember for their entire lifetime. Laurent Aigon is one of the awesome dads who went for the latter.


For the past five years, Laurent has been building this highly-detailed 737 cockpit simulator in his son’s room. He ordered the parts online and enlisted the help of Jean-Paul Dupuy, another enthusiast, to build it with him.


You might assume that Laurent is a pilot, but he’s actually a waiter with a passion for flying. It was always his dream to be a pilot, so while that didn’t happen in real life, he can sort of pretend to be one in the amazing simulator that he put together.

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