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DIY Digital Magic 8-Ball with up to 60 Answers: Without a Doubt, It’s Even More Confusing

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Written by Lambert Varias | July 30, 2013

Mattel’s Magic 8-ball toy has 20 answers, each one printed on a 20-sided die. Jason Poel Smith of DIY Hacks and How-Tos thought that that was 40 answers too few, so he made his own version of the fortune-telling toy that can have up to 60 possible answers. And he can cheat with it.


Smith could have used a 60-sided die – I know, I’m as surprised as you are! – but he opted for a more elegant solution. He split open a magic 8-ball and put a digital picture key chain inside. This way he can edit the toy’s answers by plugging the key chain to his computer via USB. I bet he placed 57 positive answers.

Shake your browser and turn it over. Outlook good? Then bring out your toolbox and head to Instructables.

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