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Rocker Cradle Lets You Rock out with Your Kid

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Written by Hazel Chua | July 31, 2013

As a kid, I’d always see my grandma rocking one of her grandkids to sleep in her lap on her rocking chair. (Yes, I was one of those grandkids, although obviously I wouldn’t be able to see myself if I’m the one being rocked.) Somehow, seeing that implanted the image that one day, I’d be rocking a baby to sleep in a rocking chair too. In this case, it won’t be my baby (because I don’t have one yet!) but my sister’s.

One thing I noticed lately is how heavy my niece is now, so my arms feel like they’re about to fall off after ten mere minutes. So when I saw this awesome Rocker Cradle woodworker Scott Morrison, I just knew it’s something like-minded people would love.

Rocker Cradle

The concept is pretty obvious: the adult is supposed to be in the seat, and the tiny tot lays beside you. Of course, it’s more comfortable for the baby if you line his or her space with some bedding or with a blanket.

Rocker Cradle1

When everyone’s all set, start rocking and start your very own family tradition. Just make sure the baby’s tucked in securely and that you don’t rock too hard, or else you might find yourself covered in baby barf.

[via BookofJoe and Well Done Stuff via Laughing Squid]