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WaterBean Filters Tap Water and Helps You Reuse Plastic Bottles

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Written by Hazel Chua | August 3, 2013

Every month, hundreds of thousands of water bottles are added to already overflowing landfills all over the world. While I don’t fault anyone for wanting to have clean water on the go, I do fault those who don’t recycle.

It’s an extra hassle if you have to buy mineral water separately and fill the small bottles yourself. That’s why stuff like the WaterBean exists.


It’s a water filter that is meant to be inserted into a plastic bottle. It can filter tap water so you can just fill up your bottle, swish, and drink, instead of buying a new bottle every time you drink up. The spring-shaped filter can be inserted through the neck of plastic bottles and won’t fall out while you drink.

The makers of WaterBean explain that it can filter out impurities including chlorine to get rid of “odors and bad taste.” It also introduces extra magnesium into your water. Each WaterBean can potentially filter up to 280 bottles of water.

WaterBean is made from BPA-free materials. The filter itself, which contains granulated all-natural activated coconut carbon, lasts for three months. Of course, that depends on how much water you drink on a daily basis.

WaterBean is currently up for funding on Indiegogo, where a minimum pledge of $12(USD) will get you one of your very own WaterBeans and a filter pack.

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