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This Walnut Looks Like Chewbacca

 |  |  |  August 6, 2013

As tough as Wookiees are, even they have trouble cracking walnuts. Walnuts are tough. The toughest walnut ever? That would be this Chewbacca walnut, presumably created by midichlorians. Wookiee nuts have been known to rip the arms off of those who try to open them.
chewbacca walnut
That’s right, I said Wookiee nuts and I refuse to make the obvious joke. This happy and cartoony looking Chewbacca was found in Ripplin’s backyard, where he has a huge black walnut tree that channels the force and make prophesy come true.

I just know that if you plant this in the ground, a Wookiee tree will grow. Because I believe in that kind of magic.

[via Obvious Winner]