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Star Trek Transporter Dog Bed: Beam Me up Scottie Dog!

 |  |  |  |  |  August 6, 2013

Get ready for a five year canine mission that mostly involves your dog’s lazy butt sleeping on this Star Trek dog transporter bed. Because to dogs, sleep is the final frontier and they love to explore it.

star trek dog bed

How cool would it be to indoctrinate your pet into a love of Star Trek by buying them this transporter pad dog bed? Of course, you would have a constant fear of them just beaming elsewhere, and violating the Prime Directive, but you could always sabotage the transporter like in many episodes. At least it’s less work than dressing Fido like this…


This sweet dog bed will cost you $69.99(USD). Beam on over to Entertainment Earth and pre-order yours now. Fido will thank you for it.

[via Geekalerts]