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Hot in Tokyo: Thigh-vertising

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Written by Hazel Chua | August 12, 2013

Remember Beardvertising, where people could pin ads on their beards so they can be walking beardboards?

Well, Tokyo-based PR consultant Hidenori Atsumi took a page from that book and came up with their own advertising gimmick that makes use of another body part: women’s thighs.

Thigh Billboard0

Call it sexist, but their target market is guys who are looking for a reason to ogle, so it somehow makes sense to hire girls and paint ads on their thighs. Well, sort of.

Over 3,000 women have reportedly signed up to become thigh-boards already. As Atsumi explained: “Guys are eager to look at them and girls are okay with exposing their thighs.”

Let me just tell Atsumi though: not all girls are okay with it. Just sayin’.

Thigh Billboard

In order to get the gig, girls 18+ years old must be willing to show off their thighs and have at least 20 connections on their social media profiles. Skirts and socks are recommended outfits, and the girls are also required to post a photo of them sporting the ad on their thighs on their social media profile.

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