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iDoorCam Lets You Check Who’s at the Door, Even When You’re Not Home

 |  |  |  |  |  August 13, 2013

Are you too lazy to get the door? Have you ever lugged yourself out of bed to the sound of the doorbell ringing, only to open it and find that there’s no one there? Or did you open it to find one of those annoying salesmen who just can’t take a hint?

If this happens to you more often than you’d like, then you might want to consider getting the iDoorCam, so you won’t ever have to deal with stuff like this ever again.


The iDoorCam is basically what its name implies. It’s a doorbell with a built-in camera that’s activated when someone rings it. Once pressed, it sends an alert to your iPhone or iPad (yes, it only works with iDevices), where you can then check out the live feed from the doorbell, provided you’re connected to the Internet.

You can choose to speak to whoever’s at the door (it’d be fun to watch their reactions the first time you do this) or ignore whoever is there altogether.

The iDoorCam will be available this October and it will retail for $165 (USD).

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